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Milf Celebrity Couples of Note

Madonna is a milf and she keeps herself in great shape. She has a habit of dating young and hot guys. She probably likes their youthful energy and the way that it makes her feel. For example, she dated one younger man, Timor Steffens, for quite a long time before they finally broke up.

Steffens was a whopping 29 years younger than Madonna when they were together. The big age gap may have broken them up eventually. However, they surely enjoyed a lot of good times and great milf sex before that happened! Madonna also recently revealed that she's slept with another younger man, who was the late hip-hop legend, Tupac.

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Gorgeous, redheaded actress Julianne Moore is married to a younger man. He's a director named Bart Freundlich and this very cute couple has really stuck it out together. They were wed in 2003 and they now have two kids together. Since they are so fit, attractive and talented, they are definitely a great match and it's safe to say that the age difference helps to keep their relationship sexy and interesting.

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